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Tharu Village Tour in Chitwan

Tharu Cultural Dance

Chitwan has many traditional villages of Tharu people and their community. Tharu Village Tour in  Chitwan is a great chance to discover Tharu people’s culture, tradition, arts & their heritage. According to history, Tharu’s of Nepal came all the way from Rajasthan, driven off by fear as the Moghuls invaded India.  

These colorful, fun-loving, extremely hospitable people offer a peek into their lives at the Bhada Home-stay Village. One can tour the village on bullock carts, and eat local delicacies while enjoying a cultural show.  

Tharu people have been living in Chitwan for a long time and they are indigenous parts of the terai region of Nepal. They are known for their unique tradition and lifestyle and every year many people from all around the world come to visit Tharu culture and tradition.  

Tharu village tour is one of the interesting activities that we provide in our Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Activities. Be part of our tour activities and have a memory of your life.

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