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Paul Smith

Chitwan-Pokhara sightseeing Tour

Visited September 2017

A grand journey towards the astonishing natural settings in Pokhara and exotic wildlife in Chitwan. We are very thankful to the Chitwan Jungle Safari team for helping us to accomplish our fantastic journey in Nepal. We found the facilities of the Chitwan Jungle Safari team great. Besides this, the hospitality of their support staff and naturalists were full of hospitable gratitude. Hence, we sincerely recommend the Chitwan Jungle Safari team for a memorable Chitwan-Pokhara Tour.

Amelia Blayer

Best Experience in Chitwan

Visited August 2017

It was an excellent experience for us, coming from the USA seeking a dream holiday destination. We found Chitwan as the perfect match for your choice. More importantly, discovering the amazing wildlife and unique culture of Chitwan with the Chitwan Jungle Safari team admitted the most memorable holidays of our life. Additionally, the facilities, naturalistic, and support staffs of the Chitwan Jungle Safari team were fabulous. Hence, we recommend everyone for a wildlife tour in Chitwan

Zussana Vida

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour

Visited June 2019

We were a group of close friends who wanted to acclimatize our leisure days. Researching on several destinations, we found Chitwan, Nepal, as the best suit for us. Indeed without any further delay, we choose the Chitwan Jungle Safari team for our naturalistic Jungle safari in the majestic Jungles of Chitwan. Spending our memorable days and feeling the grace of Chitwan Jungle Safari was just fantastic. We recommend every wildlife lovers to experience the tour of Chitwan Jungle Safari. More importantly, choosing the best tour company is always beneficial. So we genuinely suggest the Chitwan Jungle Safari team to make your dream into reality.

Elizabeth Headlam

Chitwan National Park visit

Visited August 2019

Experiencing Chitwan National Park, with Chitwan Jungle Safari team gave me a great platform to enjoy my dream holidays in Nepalese exotic Bio-Diversity. It was an awe-inspiring experience to Chitwan National Park as I admitted Jeep Safari Tours, Tharu Presentation, Elephant Safari, Canoe ride, and more. The facilities of the Chitwan Jungle Safari team were just fantastic; their greetings and harmony have pleased me to choose the Chitwan Jungle Safari team on my next trip to Nepal.