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Welcome to Chitwan Jungle Safari

About us, Chitwan Jungle Safari:  We are a gracious Trekking and Travel company, based in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and have been providing eminent quality service to thousands of travelers over the years with highly fulfilling and rewarding ‘Himalayan Experiences’. Chitwan Jungle Safari offer the most excellent and innovative adventure programs to visitors who come to discover the Himalayas. Our areas of expertise includes trekking, expedition, peak climbing, hiking, jungle safari, mountain-biking etc. plus we extend our services to other equally exciting travel destinations; Tibet, Bhutan and the Indian regions of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Ladhak.

We have built up a great knowledge of the environment and the area you will be traveling to and at the same time we are committed to your enjoyment and safety as well. Chitwan Jungle Safari aims is to introduce visitors to every kind of viable adventure and cultural experience the Himalayas can possibly offer. We ensure each person in the group gets the maximum enjoyment out of the trek, and maintain a friendly atmosphere at all times.

We are one of the leading travel companies, specializing in adventure travel, trekking and tour operation in Nepal including Tibet, India, Bhutan and also recognized by H.M.G. Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and Trekking Agency Association of Nepal, Kathmandu Environmental Educational Project among others. We are environmentally conscious & committed in organizing treks with less harm to the local environment. With camping groups, we always carry Kerosene or Gas stoves, so that no local firewood needs to be used while preparing the food while on the trek. Naturally, to maintain the high standard, we have a dedicated team of experienced staff, from the office managers who will arrange your trip in a perfect way, to the trekking crew for further support and assistance on the trekking trails.

We are committed to our guests, and take them more safely and comfortably into the most remote corners of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and intend to offer you the finest travel and trekking services available, as well as to advise you on the most appropriate itinerary. We believe in providing ‘value for money service’ and create an opportunity for a once in a life time journey in the Himalayas, which you can share the interesting affair not only about the Himalayas but also about the Nepali culture, history and religion. We ensure your trip be one of the most unforgettable memories of your lifetime.
We heartily invite you or allow us to design your holiday with your special interest in trekking, expedition, climbing, biking, wild life safari, river rafting, bird watching, sightseeing into Nepal including other destinations of Tibet, India and Bhutan. We keenly welcome all of you to join us for a memorable & wonderful adventure trip.

How do we work ?
We are the active and recognized Trekking and Travel Agency; the best quality service provider.
Our mission is to set a positive example for Nepali trekking and travel agencies to maintain an economically competitive company that takes a smaller margin of profit in exchange for providing excellent working conditions and benefits for staff, socially progressive services for clients, and environmentally sustainable business practices for the protection of the fragile environment of one of the most beautiful country, Nepal including Tibet, Bhutan and India.

We assist our clients to meet their choices and fulfill their desire in making a trouble free holiday.
We are experienced on most of the trips in the Himalayas, we guarantee Quality Services, and known for Professionalism, Honesty, Friendly Behavior moreover we are trusted agency in Nepal.

We ensure every visitors get much more enjoyment in our country and make the most out of their holiday.
We play a leading role in the preservation of environment and have been working to reduce the level of environmental pollution as well.
We will be happy to offer large groups discount, if your group size is more than 10 people and one group leader will be provided ‘Free of Cost’ Trekking or Tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or India.

We fulfill all of these roles and many others like acting with courage, integrity and a high level of accountability while striving for excellence in everything we do. We aspire to the highest standards of performance, professionalism and leadership.

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